Lord Elgin and Some Stones of No Value

Lord Elgin and Some Stones of No Value
20 October 1986

Ever since that moment on the Acropolis in 1802 when Lord Elgin, the then British Ambassador in Constantinople, managed to organize the forceful separation of the majority of the sculptures from the Parthenon temple, and shipped them from Athens to England, there has raged a continual controversy over their rightful home.

This, the first film on the subject, shot in the real locations, shows by quoting from their own letters, what were the thoughts of Lord and Lady Elgin and their entourage at the time. Also by using the reports and engravings from artists and observers of the period, including Lord Byron's bitter attack on the whole proceedings, the film tries to explain Elgin's real motives, proving he was not saving the sculptures from pollution nor the Turks……. but for himself.

A film by Christopher Miles


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