Independent American film underway dealing with a fictional legal battle over the Parthenon Sculptures

Production of an American independent film is underway in Athens. The film deals with a man and woman who met in Greece as children and who come back into each others’ lives as they prepare to embark on a legal battle to reclaim the Parthenon Sculptures from the British Museum and secure their return to Greece.

Kassandra Voyagis

Kassandra Voyagis

The film will star Kassandra Voyagis and Pantelis Kontogiannis. Giancarlo Giannini will portray the director of the Acropolis Museum. Yorgo Voyagis, Paul Freeman and Mike O’Brien will also appear in the film. The directors of the film,bothers Qwerty and John Borges, intend to submit the film to one of the main international film festivals of the coming year.

Source: Screeneye


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