Alejandro Castro Espin speaks in favour of reunification of the Parthenon sculptures

Alejandro Castro Espin, son of Cuba's president

Alejandro Castro Espin, son of Cuba’s president

Alejandro Castro Espin gave a lecture at the Panteion University of Athens on his book The Price of Power. During the lecture he touched on the importance of cultural heritage and its protection. Specifically he said:

I visited the Acropolis Museum and I noticed the large number of cast copies of the Parthenon sculptures which comprise part of the cultural heritage of the Greek people. The sculptures are missing, they are located abroad and exhibited in other museums. It is sad that in the 21st century there is no solution for this situation. There should be  international legislation which ensures that looted cultural treasures are returned to where they belong.

He also spoke of Cuba’s intention to actively protect its cultural heritage and where possible to aid in the protection of other countries’ cultural treasures.

Source: New Star Art Cinema


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