President Obama visits the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum

During his 2-day visit in Greece, president Obama was given a private tour of the Parthenon on the Acropolis as well as a tour of the Acropolis Museum.
This is what he had to say:

One of the great joys of being the president is the ability to travel and see different cultures and meet different people. That’s important for our national security but it’s also important for us to understand ourselves and our place in the world. We’ve got the Parthenon behind us, part of the Acropolis. It is here in Athens that so many of our ideas about democracy, our notions of citizenship, our notions of rule of law, began to develop. And so when you visit a site like this not only are you getting a better understanding of Greece and Western culture, but you’re also sending a signal of the continuity that exists between what happened here, the speeches of Pericles, and what happened with our Founding Fathers. And it’s a very important role for the President of the United States to send a signal to the world that their culture, their traditions, their heritage, their monuments, are something of value, and are precious, and that we have learned from them. Because what that does then is send a strong signal around the world that we view ourselves as part of a broader humanity and a community of nations that can work together to solve problems and lift up what’s best in humanity.


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