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Could BREXIT lead to reunification?

Now is the time to offer to return them, as part of the Brexit deal. No one yet seems to have noticed the binding obligations on EU states and their negotiators, and on the UK (which remains a member state until it leaves) imposed by the EU treaty itself. article 3 sets down the duty to enhance Europe’s cultural heritage (obviously achievable by reuniting the marbles) and article 167 is specific. “When taking action under other provisions of the treaty” (ie under article 50) Brussels and all member states must “take into account” the objective of “conserving and safeguarding cultural heritage of European significance”.

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on “Could BREXIT lead to reunification?
One Comment on “Could BREXIT lead to reunification?
  1. we have to launch a refendum among all EU citizens asking whetehr the stolen and DAMEGED marbles shall be reunited in their natural setting (the beautiful Acropolis Museum) or kept with weird and pitiful pretexts in a country which wants to exit UE!

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